Thoughts for a Friday night

Tonight I’ll share a few thoughts with you, whether or not they are funny or not are another matter entirely.


Blog posts can be hard to write, not only because you don’t have a clue what to say, but because anything you do say has a good possibility of being misunderstood and turned into something the likes of which would upset many people.

 This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write what you want to say, instead it means that you need to put a bit extra thought into what you say and word it carefully enough that you can blame autocorrect if someone misinterpretes it.


 With all the odd weather that has been happening around the world, is it surprising that it’s being blamed on humans? Look how many politicians we have today compared with a hundred years ago, that’s where the climate change is coming from: the hot air of politicians.


Whiles I do my very best not to comment on many of the events going on in the world, besides NSA spying and a few other things, I do have many things I might say. One of which is that while history is written by the winners, we should be wise enough by now not to go jumping at each and every little imagined insult and using that as an excuse to change history.

 Leave the changing of history to trained time agents, they get paid to do that.


 I admit it, I’m guilty of reading a few teasers about the next season of Foctor Who. I’m also guilty of devising a few answers to the teasers.


Cats can be crazy, but you knew that. Cats can also be smart enough to get into and out of nearly anything, but you knew that as well.

What point was I trying to make? None at all, just adding a bit of filler to this post.


I’m still slowly (way too slowly) working on a few ideas for future posts. These will be posts on days I normally don’t post on, like I promised a few weeks ago, don’t worry, it’ll be worth the wait, I hope.


That’s about all for tonight. I hope you found this post interesting. I know it was a bit odd, but that’s just the way it happened.

Thanks for reading!


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