Farewell to June

Farewell June, ’tis but a year until we shall meet again.

 June is nearly over, so let’s indulge in looking back at this past month and perhaps even the first half of the year.

 June brought odd weather, though weather is always odd, so in other words it was a normal month,  weather wise.

 What else really happened this month: people did things other people disliked, courts handed down rulings, same old same old.

 The most important things anyone could do this past month are:

  1. Read this blog (congratulations, you’re reading it now!)
  2. Drink lemonade (or hot chocolate if you live in the Southern Hemisphere.)
  3. Savor a chocolate chip cookie (who had t done this?)
  4. Enjoy an ice cream sandwich (you know you wanted one … Dozen!)
  5. Plot to take over the world and force everyone to memorize the order of every actor who ever played Doctor Who (that’s what I’d do anyway.)
  6.  Create a new culinary delight including strawberries and Italian sausage.

How many of these did you get done this month?
Now a quick look at the first half of the year:

The weather has been strange for everyone, there have been earthquakes, storms and mysterious sinkholes, in other words, everything has been normal in those regards.

People have done things other people disliked, courts ruled on things around the world, politicians have been blowing up balloons for sightseers, same ole same old.

The two most important things that have been done so far this year are:

  1. Eating chocolate chip cookies (is there anything more important?)
  2. Reading comic books (if you disagree, send a few super villains over to discuss this in the comments.)

So what should you do this week? What else, read comic books and drink lemonade.
 In a side note, why does every TV channel decide to change the time your favorite shows are on? You just get used to something being on at one time, you spend months watching it at that time, suddenly without warning it’s on an hour earlier. Things like that annoy me.
Thanks for reading and enjoy your week!


3 thoughts on “Farewell to June

  1. LOL June has gone with a shout…hot and humid and lo and behold, July is already breaking records for heat…so writing is difficult. How about you? Hot chocolate or Pimms?


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