Rumors no one has talked about

Tonight I just have a few rumors I’d like to see, these aren’t real, but they should be!


A popular tech company is branching out from cell phones, in addition to a smart watch, they are also expected to announce a new device implanted into your teeth to improve voice recognition.


A kitchenware company is getting into the technology business. They have several chefs lined up to promote their new social media network, called Spice rack, it’s designed to bring cooks together.
Unfortunately all recipes shared on this site will be instantly copyrighted by the promoting chefs.


A group of dentists, annoyed by the hassle of connecting their drills to their smartphones, have banded together and are preparing to unveil a new wireless technology. Saying that Bluetooth is a bit long in the tooth, the new C.R.O.W.N. system will reduce hassles ten fold.


A leading root beer manufacturer has announced that they are changing the recipe of their leading drink. Rumors have it that they will either be returning to their roots brewing the drink, or the barrels they age their syrup in will now by made from tree roots.


A leading airline is expected to announce that they will no longer serve peanuts during flights.

On a related note, the same airline is no longer catering to elephants.


A major metal wrap company was expected to announce that they are signing several super villains to long term commercial contracts, however those plans are on hold since the criminals have been thrown in jail.

A leading super hero is insisting that he has never illegally foiled anyone’s plan. 


I hope you got a chuckle from these. Let me know if you enjoyed then and I might come up with some others. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Rumors no one has talked about

    1. I’m almost surprised airlines don’t have elephants working for them, they Would work for peanuts.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the last one, I was afraid it would foul my post.
      Thanks for reading my blog, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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