How to ruin any food: Rehash or best of the best

Tonight I thought I’d do something a bit different, partly because I didn’t have any good ideas for a ruining food post and partly because I want to remind you of some of my best posts. Some of these you might have forgotten about, or perhaps you missed one, maybe you just started following my blog and haven’t gotten around to reading some of these old post, I just want to share these with you once again:


Food names:

The last time I decided to do something different, on July 20th 2014 I posted this post about food names, it was well received and is well worth another glance.


Baked potatoes:


From May 3rd 2015, one of my better posts. It ruined baked potatoes and was well received, leading me to wonder if perhaps more people than I thought hate potatoes.


Cranberry sauce:

Posted on November 23rd 2014, more people liked this one than I expected. When I posted this I was worried about some backlash, after all who doesn’t like cranberry sauce?


Fettuccine Alfredo:

This is perhaps my favorite post in my series of ruining food, besides being fun to write, it was an unexpected pleasure when the nephew of the man who created the dish commented on it.


French toast:


I published this post on January 11th 2015. It was quite popular and also fun to write. It was perhaps one of my best with the addition of root beer to the french toast.




Perhaps one of my most popular ruining food post yet, it was fun and everyone seems to have enjoyed it. From April 26th 2015



This is likely my most popular ruining food post yet. Which seems odd when you think of just how easy it is to ruin toast. From March 15th 2015.


Salad dressing:


This was one of my earlier ruining food posts and perhaps one of the least enjoyed. I include it in here to show just how much this series has changed since I began, even the name of the series changed!

This is one post that I should redo soon, it might be interesting to compare a modern version of it to this one, what do you think?

Published May 4th 2014


I hope you enjoyed this brief look back, this series has come a long ways since I began and I’m sure it’ll continue to change over the coming months.


Do you have a favorite ruining food (or ruining meals) post I didn’t list here? Post it in the comments, I always like to hear from you!

Next week we’ll be back to ruining food again. Thanks for reading.


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