Welcome to July

It’s July now, which means the year is over half way over no matter how you look at it. This means that all to soon we’ll be seeing summer draw to a close and winter attack.

 However, as it is still summer right now, we must turn our minds to that most necessary task of summer: shopping for Christmas gifts. Yes, it’s almost the time where stores will begin pushing for shoppers to buy nearly everything for the winter holidays.

 To give you a hand, I have a few suggestions:

  • Chocolate chips, everyone loves them and you can always find a use for another bag.
  • Lemon juice, a key ingredient of lemonade and something everyone should give for holidays.
  • Comic books, you can never have enough comic books, but one of every comic book ever published and never worry about eating again, as you’ll never be able to afford food.

On a more serious note, there are several things that you need to remember for this month, such as always making sure you have enough ice for your lemonade, that you’re chocolate chip cookies are made with quality brown sugar. Oh, also you need to make sure you read at least four good comic books a week, this should improve your mood and pass the time.

 These are the days comic book lovers should enjoy, reading out in the summer day, feeling the wind rustle the pages of your comfort c book, turning them before you are ready, all while risking the deadly fate of ice cream dripping on each page because you want to know what happens next even as you hurry to enjoy your ice cream that is already melting.

 One should not forget to savor these nice days of summer, all too soon the heat will hit with a vengeance, after which the summer will quickly fade away until you will wonder where the year has gone, so enjoy every day, savor the little things and eat those chocolate chip cookies before they melt!
Thanks for reading.


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