Jokes for July 8th

Somehow Wednesday night is here again! Tonight I have some interesting jokes for you, with luck you’ll get a few laughs out of them, I know I did as I was coming up with them. Enjoy!




A priest, a cowboy and pirate were marooned on an island. There was nothing growing on the island except for bananas. After eating their fill, the cowboy and pirate discovered that the bananas were bad and causing hallucinations.
As the priest watched, the pirate tried to wrap a banana peel around his head, meanwhile the cowboy was similarly trying to tie a banana around his next.
 Finally the priest realized that in their hallucinations, the cowboy and pirate believed that the bananas were bandanas.
 “I’m glad I didn’t go ape over those,” the priest said aloud, adding “if I had, I’d be bananas by now!”

When the investigator found a clue, he quickly declared it to be something fishy, though he could never explain what a red herring was doing in a tuna cannery. 




How do you make a banana leave you alone?

 Show it the ice cream and chocolate sauce, that’s sure to make any banana split.

How do you tell an omelette from a pancake while juggling the two?

 I’m not sure, but if you get it wrong you’ll have egg on your face.




What kind of bed do berries like best?


What did the criminal turned baseball player say after he bought a house?

“I’ll never steal home again!”

One last joke for tonight

Why did bartender hire a bird to seat customers?
Because the bird was a stool pigeon.


That’s all the jokes for tonight, I hope you enjoyed them!

 Feel free to leave your comments below. Thanks for reading!

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