Another Monday in July 

It’s another Monday in July, what that means depends on where you are and how you feel about Mondays. If you are like many people, you don’t enjoy Monday.

 What can you do to enjoy Monday’s more? In short,  Ice cream and lemonade. Long answer is ice cream, lemonade, chocolate chip cookies and comic books.

 Unfortunately there really isn’t anyway to combine all of these foods into one, I wouldn’t even suggest trying unless you are going to write your own ruining food post of course.

 Comic books should be light hearted right now, at least for Monday reading, other days of the week can be slightly more intense, though you shouldn’t read anything pulse pounding during these hot summer days.

 Another thing you need to watch out for are overly affectionate cats, cats on your lap are best during the winter, however cats do not necessarily agree and you might find yourself sweltering if your cat decides your lap is better than a ray of sun.

 The most important thing is to relax and enjoy your week.

 Thanks for reading!


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