Jokes for July 15th

Some how it’s Wednesday night again, I thought I’d have some good jokes for you tonight, but life happened and I ran out of time. All is not lost, however, I have plenty of jokes to fall back on, all I ask is that you try to enjoy this hit jokes and not call them foul. Please enjoy these baseball jokes in honor of the MLB All Star game last night.


Why was the baseball team of vampires the best in the league?
Because they suck the life out of other team!

Why was a strangler the best player playing against vampires?
Because he choked up on the bats!

Why was a zombie baseball team always the worst of league?
Because they’re always looking for new brains.

How did the carafe make the baseball team?
it was a pitcher.

What do baseballs fear the most?

Why is baseball like boxing?
There are lots of hits.

In what career do you get paid to be a thief?
Baseball, the players are always stealing

Why did the omelet refuse to pitch at a certain ballpark?
The fans were always egging him on. 

Why do pack rats make excellent pinch runners?
They are always stealing. 

Why did the venture capitalist buy a baseball team?
He loved great pitches.

Why did the inventor try out for the baseball team?
He had a great pitch.

Why wasn’t the carafe able to become a pitcher for a baseball team?
It had lost its glasses.

The soufflé chef couldn’t make the baseball team as manager because he couldn’t get the batter up.

Why did the cookie baker try out for the baseball team?
He had a great cutter.

When the baseball player went to Los Vegas, he won big at cards, he had an ace on his side.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed these joke.

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