Thanks to you, my blog now has over 300 followers.

 This is a big milestone, one I had never really expected to hit to be honest. Now I’m looking toward the next milestones for my blog, 550 and 600 posts, the first of which I wil hit within the next month.

 When I first noticed my blog had hit 300 followers, I started think about what my blog needs to get better. I have a few ideas, but I need some advice from you on what you’d like to see more of:

  • More ruining food. 
  • More quotes from famous people if they had been cats. 
  • Random thoughts and wacky thoughts. 
  • Jokes. 
  • Conspiracy theories. 

Another thing I want to ask is if you miss any of these kind of posts:

  • Redoing Classic movies.
  • Making cat toys. 
  • Game reviews. 
  • My take on the news. 
  • Parodies. 
  • Posts about ice cream.

These are some big decisions with even larger changes possible for my blog, I might also just leave everything the same, but I do want to see what you, my readers, want to read on my blog.

 Thanks for taking a few moments to give me your opinions, and thank you for reading my blog.

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