A cat’s take on blogging

The following are the thoughts of a cat on blogging, these thoughts were not easy to gleam, but they are true to the best of my understanding. To keep it easier to read, it is still in the cat’s perspective.


Blogging: an excuse to stop giving me a lap. It also is a waste of time that could be better used to feed me, or to play with me.

Typing on a keyboard or a piece of glass glued to a chunk of metal is not only foolish, but the time wasted could be better spent scratching my ear.

The minutes this human wastes moving that piece of plastic he calls a mouse would be much better spent chasing a real mouse, or even better finding a mouse outside for me to play with.

 This mouse thing could also be an interesting toy, if only it had some feathers, or at least some catnip scent.

What good is this blogging stuff? Does it make playing more fun? Can he find anything about how to catch bugs? Or at least when the moths are coming?

Why does blogging take so long? Why does he have to take so long typing one of these blog things? It shouldn’t take any time at all to do one of these blogs, I’ve put my paw to one of those keyboards a few times and I can finish in just a few seconds.


 While these thoughts are the thoughts of just one cat, I doubt other cats think much different.

 Also I’d like to take a moment to reply to a few of these concerns.

 While blogging might not help me catch mice or bugs, that’s the Job of this cat.

Also, while a cat can type quickly on a keyboard, humans are much more picky about spelling and punctuation, also I believe single letters have much more meaning to a cat than to humans.

A mouse with feathers might make a good cat toy, but it wouldn’t be good for browsing blogs at all, not to mention the fact that cats would never leave it alone.
 I hope this post has helped you understand what your cat thinks about blogging.

Thanks for reading!


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