End of July

Somehow It is already the end of July! That means summer is getting close to coming to an end.

 However we have enough of summer left to enjoy much more lemonade and ice cream. It is necessary that we all enjoy as much lemonade and ice cream as we can during these next few weeks or months, until the weather turns cold and we’re forced to turn our attentions to hot chocolate.

 Unless you have sufficient resources to travel from one hemisphere to the other for the sole reason to enjoy ice cream while the weather is hot, if that describes you, congratulations.

 As July is running down, you should consider reading some comic books that have ended, because when one thing comes to an end, others may as well follow suit.

 There are many similarities between comics and months: a comic book series can come to an end until it is started up again, or rebooted as the current term goes. Months, such as July, come to an end, however a mere year later it starts over again.

 Lemonade is one thing we should all try to drink our fill of every day, not only does it taste good, but there are numerous reports out that lemons are good for you. So drink up and enjoy!

 Chocolate chip cookies are something that everyone should enjoy, however if you start getting tired of them, skip a week and you’ll realize that you enjoy them more than you thought.

 I hope you can enjoy your week and keep enjoying as much lemonade and ice cream as possible this week.

 Thanks for reading!


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