Jokes for July 29th

I have a few new jokes for you tonight, I hope you enjoy them, even though they might muddy the water a bit.

 In all truth, these jokes are slightly odd, but if you think about them for a moment you’ll understand them and hopefully get a laugh from them.


Why did the potter create a suit of cloths from he work when he was challenged to a duel?
He wanted a suit of plate armor.

When the potter was asked how business was, he said he couldn’t complain, his plate was full.

Why did the pottery master get into a certain sport played in alleys?
He enjoyed bowling.

What food did the ceramic artist love to eat in her workshop next to her garden?
Potted ham.

How did the pottery manage to keep up with all the orders for plates?
The knew how to dish it out.

Why do potters make good politicians?
Because they know how to sling mud.


 I hope you enjoyed these jokes, I’m sorry I didn’t have more, but I had a lot on my plate this past week.

Thanks for reading!


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