Random thoughts for July 31st

I thought it was about time for a few more random thoughts, so here we go, enjoy!


 Time has a way of flying, however it can also crawl, which makes it a very interesting thing.

 While sound and light moves at a fixed speed, time can move (or seem to) at many different speeds, therefore traveling through time should easily be possible if we could just manage to control how we experience time.


Cats can be funny when they are waiting for something, whether just circling your feet, or running back and forth trying to hurry you up. 


You’d think that only blogging a few times a week would make it easier to come up with new ideas, however the opposite is true, sometimes blogging more often can offer more like dead.


Summer is still underway, however it is already beginning to feel like it’s beginning to wind down. This could mean that winter might be a hard one, it could also come earlier.

 However weather is like a cat, you can’t take anything for granted. 


This weekend begins August, a month that is typically one of the hottest, and also the unofficial end of summer. However there may be quite a while left to the warm weather. What that means that there is still time for lemonade and ice cream.

 Thanks for reading.

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