Welcome to August 

Welcome to August, the month known for the many days of dogs of summer, or in other words it’s the dog days of summer. 

 Why are these days called the dog days of summer? Basically just because of how hot these summer days tend to be.

 Now on to the interesting stuff, where should we start? Cookies? Ice cream? Comic books? Lemonade? There is a lot to cover, so let’s get busy!

 Ice cold lemonade is always good during these hot summer days, the colder the better, not only will it cool you off, but if it’s cold enough it will stay cold for quite a while even on a hot day, a few ice cubes tossed in will keep it cold for a few extra minutes.

  Ice cream is another good thing to enjoy on a hot day, however it melts very quickly, so you must make sure you enjoy it quickly. If you don’t want to eat it quickly, I suggest only eating ice cream at the north or South Pole where it’s cold enough to keep it from melting. If you can’t afford to take a trek to eat your ice cream, you can always take a large bowl of ice and place your bowl of ice cream on top, this will lengthen the time your ice cream will remain frozen.

 Cookies of any type are good, used to top your ice cream they can only be made better, however I suggest chocolate chip cookies if only for the fact that you can add more chocolate chips without anyone being the wiser.

One thing you should be cautious of while you enjoy your ice cream, cats. Cats tend to enjoy ice cream a lot, mostly vanilla in my experience, however I don’t doubt that they enjoy other flavored as well, so don’t turn your back on your ice cream if your cat is anywhere near.

That brings us to comic books, those wonderful things that are very nice for summer reading. They can be carried easily, they are intriguing enough to hold your attention on a hot day while not requiring  too much thought to enjoy, which is about as perfect combination of everything you could want for summer reading.

 I hope you can find the time to read a comic book, enjoy some lemonade and eat even more ice cream this week.

 Thanks for reading!

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