The lost quotes of Anony cuttus

Tonight I am going to share with you the lost quotes of the ancient philosopher cat Anony Cattus, i found these carved on ancient parchment hidden in what seems to have been an old clay pot of fish. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Revenge is a dish best served before dawn when most humans can’t tell where the dead mouse in their sandle came from.


Wise cats hunt to get food and have fun, foolish cats hunt to get praise from humans.

There are two kinds of mice, toys and not toys.


While a common danger may unite enemies, I’ll never ally myself with any mouse or bird.


Et tu, mousy?


Nothing can be created out of nothing, but us Cats can see something where nothing is.


Never despair, there must be another mouse!


Luck is what happens when a a hawk catches a mouse right before The tiger surprises the hawk.


I hope you enjoyed these quotes, with any luck I’ll be able to recover some more of these quotes by the most famous cat philosopher in history.

Thanks for reading.


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