August nights…

August nights are not as interesting as august knights, even though when speaking it might be possible to confuse someone. It would be even more confusing if you decide to talk about August august Knights who are out at night.

 Now with that bit of a tounge twister out of the way, we can get down to brass tacks, which is a decidedly steampunk thing to talk about.

 All kidding aside, it’s time to talk about ice cream and comic books with cookies, lemonade and cats, not all in that order of course, unless It happens after all.

 There should be a comic book created with foods as superheroes, IceCcream Man could save the day by freezing his foes before creaming them, Lemonade could heal, Cookies would be good villains, except they would crumble too easily.

I predict that such a comic book series would be in demand, people would eat it up.

 Cats all enjoy this time of year, plenty of sun and heat, but make sure that they have plenty of water, this goes for all pets and people too.

Thanks for reading!


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