Jokes for August 12th

Tonight I have a bunch of bad jokes for you, I’m almost afraid that they are too bad and you’ll pan them, but they have to see the light of day, so to speak, so it’s out of the notebook and into the pan. Enjoy!


Golden jokes


A museum had a problem, they had run out of new exhibits, so the directors decided to run a contest and invited local artists to enter their works for a chance to when a million dollars.
 Everyone who considered themselves artist (and many who didn’t) entered their works. After giving the public a chance to vote and debating the art works for weeks, the directors narrowed the field down to two artists and asked them to enter a second work of art.
 The first artist slaved over a painting for days until he was mostly satisfied. The second artist (who mined gold of the weekends), entered a wall of mining equipment.
 When the directors were looking at the miner’s entry, one asked him if he had titled it, the miner replied “it’s a ram made outta gold mining pans, so I call it my Pan-o-Rama.”

Why was the prospector always happy even in the worst emergencies?
He knew everything would pan out. 

Why did the prospector never go hungry?
There was always something in his pans. 


Half baked funnies


Why did the cake batter hate telling jokes to chefs?
They always panned. 

Why did the chef enjoy telling jokes as he poured out the cake batter?
Because his jokes always panned out. 

Why did the prospector start a restaurant?
Because he was an expert with pans. 

How do mechanics fry their French fries?
In an oil pan. 


I hope at least one of these jokes made you chuckle.

Thanks for reading!


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