A little bit of everything, bring your own stick to shake

Tonight I’m going to try to give you a bit of everything, or at least a few interesting or funny things, go ahead, try to shake a stick at it.


Apple is having an event of f September 9th, in addition to the rumors of new iPhones, iPads and other tech wonders, it is widely believed that Apple will finally offer solid proof that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.


The recent weather across the world, odd as it may have been, is not expected to put a crimp on this years record harvest of candy corn. However due to political correctness, it is no longer being called candy corn, as the name might offend someone, henceforth it is to be called “a tasty sweet that is shaped like a triangle in an attempt to replicate a vegetable.” This candy also is not to be called a vegetable until congressional hearings are held to discuss the matter.


Cats are odd, enough said.


With summer beginning to draw to a close, you can begin to hear crickets. The sound they make can drive some people crazy, while others enjoy it.

However there is go getting around the fact the summer is nearly over, as unfair as that may be, only the British can get away with saying its ‘not cricket ‘.


 It looks like Greece is getting its bailout. I haven’t read any of the details, I’m not an accountant, so I think it would be Greek to me.


Thanks for reading I hope you got a chuckle. 


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