August-y days

Now that August is over halfway through, the weather is beginning to act up, winds are picking up and odd cold fronts are moving around, bring many of us an early preview of Fall.

 To combat the wind and suddenly cooler weather, which will only stay around a day or two, we can begin preparing ourselves for Fall and Winter.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure all of your old comics are still in good shape, look for rusting staples, bent pages and any other major damage. Some of this damage can be repaired, a bent page can be straightened, staples replaced, but for those beloved old comics that have seen better days, those comics you have read over and over, always knowing what was about to happen but secretly wishing that just this once you had somehow woken up in an alternate universe where your favorite hero didn’t die in issue #27 only to be brought back in issue #32 in the oddest way that made no sense save the hero (or sidekick as the case may be) was the only one who could defeat the evil arch villain in issues #49 before going on to his (or her) own short lived spinoff comics c book, those comic books are better off being replaced, or rather having a second copy around so you can read it whenever you want to during the winter.

 The next thing you should do is make a rough plan for how many cups of hot chocolate you plan on drinking this Winter, double the amount (you never drink just one mug a day, do you?) and then begin the arduous process of calculating how much of what you’ll need to make those cups of hot chocolate.

 Now that you have done that much work, grab a glass of lemonade and a handful of chocolate chip cookies, the latest issue of your favorite comic book and relax, remember, it’s not everyday I f the summer that chocolate chip cookies don’t melt when you look at them.

 Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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