Late August lemonade…

Lemonade sometimes tastes better in late August, the reasons are unclear, but it likely has something to do with summer slowly fading away and the realization that lemonade season is coming to a close.

 During these late days of summer, or rather what is typically accepted as the last days of summer, I heartily encourage you to spend as much time as possible drinking lemonade and eating ice cream. If you do, somehow, grow tired of ice cream, I recommend switching to in season fruits, such as watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches or your favorite summer fruit. Remember many fruits can be eaten on top of plain vanilla ice cream.

 Lemonade is something I really don’t think you can get tired of, but if you do, plain water can quickly cure you of this strange affliction.

 As the summer gets closer to surrendering to Fall, you might come to realize that you didn’t get anything major finished this year,meant worry, I have a few quick and easy ideas for you to do before the end of summer:

  1.  Create a comic strip or book, possible characters include Lemonade boy and Ice Creambot.
  2. Write an vastly abridged version of a famous novel, such as War and Peace, something like: Out of War comes Peace. Or: War comes before Peace.
  3. Design and build a working rocket to explore Mars with, projected time, 1 hour, give or take due to technical glitches.
  4. Host an ice cream sculpting contest, don’t forget that a snowman of of ice cream takes only a few minutes to make and can be mighty tasty.

There are many other things you can also do before the end of summer, just open your mnmind d and imagine. Or ignore everything and read a comic book.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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