September fades away

September is beginning to draw to a close, which means October will soon be upon us. The time for lemonade is nearly over and the time for apple cider is drawing near.
 The time for accidentally publishing blog posts are also upon us, sorry about that.

 While the month is slowly coming to an end and Fall begins on Wednesday, the temperatures are still staying summer like for the moment.

Luckily while the weather remains warm, we can all enjoy lemonade and ice cream for a while longer.

 One thing we can enjoy right now is ice cream with fruit, such as peaches and vanilla ice cream. However if you just want to cover your ice cream with chocolate syrup go for it!

 This is also a good time to get ready to entertain your cat for the next several months after winter has set in. I suggest laying in a supply of catnip and treats, a few toys wouldn’t hurt either.

 Comic books are still worth reading right now, I suggest reading something light hearted right now,  you can never read enough lighthearted comic books. Comic books are not only good relaxation, but they can kill a few minutes when you’re waiting for something.

 Keep enjoying good food, good lemonade and reading good comic books.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your week.


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