How to ruin any food: A look back at Summer

Tonight I thought I’d do something a bit different, I’m going to take a few minutes to look back at the many foods I’ve ruined this past Summer, I hope you enjoy.

However, first I’d like to mention that I did have a small glitch with last night’s post, somehow the like and share buttons were turned off, that has been corrected now and hopefully I won’t have that problem again.

Side dishes:

Side dishes, one of the more interesting and fun things to ruin.

On August 16th I ruined Potato salad, this was pretty fun, I think everyone enjoyed this post:

On August 30th I showed you some of the many ways to ruin Baked Beans. This was also pretty fun and there were a few ideas I really doubt anyone else had thought of. However it wasn’t as popular as ruining potato salad.


Main dishes:

What really constitutes a main dish? Does have to be a certain size? Take a certain amount of work to make? Be able to be broiled? I really think that this is a question that everyone has their own answer to.

On September 6th I ruined Chili Rellenos. This was a good post and it even introduced a new food to at least one of you loyal readers.


On August 23rd I showed you how to ruin Sloppy Joes. This was another fun post, and I think there were some great ideas in it. Always remember strawberry jam and Italian sausage will ruin sloppy joes!

On July 23rd I explained how easily Ravioli could be ruined, this was quite easily the most popular ruining food post of the summer.

On June 28th I completely ruined Italian Sausage sandwiches. The resulting destruction can still be felt.



Ah, desserts, the perfect way to finish a ruined meal. Just when your guests think that there might be something good to eat after so many ruined foods, you thrust despair into the jaws of hope, or something to that effect.

On July 12th we ruined Brownies, which while it seemed hard at first proved to be quite easy.

On June 21, (Okay, maybe it’s not technically summer but close enough for me), I ruined milkshakes, now no one looks at them the same way. I introduced you to some novel ideas on syrups to use and a few other wacky ideas.


On July 26 and August 2nd, I showed how ice cream toppings could be ruined. While I can’t say if anyone has tried these, they were pretty fun to write and allowed me to get creative.


I hope you enjoyed this look back at some of my favorite ruining food posts of the summer. Next week I’ll be back to ruining something new!

Have a food you’d like to see ruined? Have an idea on how to ruin something? Let me know in the comments and I might use your idea in the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading!


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