Jokes For September 30th

Tonight I have a few jokes for you, I would have had more, but a software update took too long. I’m afraid there might be more formatting errors tonight.

 I have a few fall jokes for you as well tonight.

 I hope you enjoy these few jokes!


Fall jokes


Why did the candy maker toss his goods out of a cargo plane?

So they could have a great falls.
When a truck carrying several tons of cocoa powder crashed into a river, spilling all of its cargo, the nearby town people were disappointed it hadn’t happened by the waterfall, they had hoped for a great chocolate fall.

Why did the watch maker hate the season after summer?

 He could always count on a great spring, but he had terrible falls.


Farm jokes


Why did the NSA build a listening post in the corn field?

They need a few extra ears.
A plane dropped a box full of stolen money on a farmer’s potato field, the FBI was quickly there searching for the money. After hours of searching the agent in charge gathered the other agents around and asked if any of them had found any clues. The agents all replied that they hadn’t seen any sign of the money.

   The agent in charge then proceeded to call his superior and told him “The eyes have it.”

 A farmer was tending to his field when he saw a man carrying a shovel following a dog with a bone.

When the farmer confronted the man, he learned that the dog had managed to get a hold of a rare pocket watch and had presumably buried it in the farmer’s field.

 “Don’t worry,” the farmer told the man as he glanced at the root crop, “I’m sure it’ll turnip.”

I hope you enjoyed these jokes and humor.

Thanks for reading!

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