Random thoughts and news for Friday, October 2nd

I have an assortment of random thoughts and bits of news for you tonight, I hope you find it interesting!


 Do you play games on your phone or tablet? Of course you do! Now go and download Jetpack Joyride! This game has a month long event going that transforms it to one of the greatest movie franchises ever, Back To The Future! Yes, complete with hover boards and a time traveling DeLorian! 

Are you still reading this? Great Scott!  What are you waiting for, download it, it’s not a heavy decision!


Even thought it’s now October, not many games have released Halloween themed editions of their games yet, which is kind of odd, but I’m sure within a week or so there will be many updates.


 Speaking of updates, it seems like every company is releasing new gadgets, that means new features to learn and new bugs to deal with, not all of the bugs will be distinguishable from features and vise versa.


 It’s October, or as many people think of it, Halloween month. All this month I’m reviewing suitable books and stories on my book review site, the first one will be going up this weekend.

Take a look: https://colinscritiques.wordpress.com


Looking for a great spooky movie to watch this month? I suggest any and all of the Universal pictures from the 1930s and 1940s. While not bloody like modern movies, they have a certain something that modern movies just can’t match.


 That’s about all I have to share with you tonight. I hope you found these things interesting.

Thanks for reading!


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