October: the scariest month of the year

It’s October, the scariest moment nth the do the year. Why are s it scary you may ask. Is it because of Halloween? Is it because of fall below nag in full swing and winter waiting to strike?

 No, it’s scary because this week s the only month of the year when you can easily find candy corn and melocreme pumpkins, after this month nth is over they vanish like ghosts, dooming you to wait nearly a full year before they return.

 Another thing that can be spooky I s comic books, while not as prevalent as super heroes comics, the ghost and spooky genre was once popular. These comic books are great to read right now, it may take some looking to find them, but it’s well worth the effort. From ghosts to demons, from witches to unexplained happenings, these old comic books are sure to entertain you.

 What else is there besides comic books and candy to do this month? If you’re lucky you can get in a last bowl of ice cream, or at least a glass of lemonade.

 Hot chocolate chip cookies are in season right now, try to make sure you wait long enough after taking them out before devouring them, with the holidays approaching you need to be safe.

 While there are many more things you may want to do during this horrifying month, I’m afraid this post has reached….

The end!

Thanks for reading.


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