Jokes for October 7th

Three things have converged tonight:

  1. It’s Wednesday night, joke night.
  2. It’s October, time for spooky stuff.
  3. Baseball playoffs are in full swing.

Just what does this mean you might wonder, it means that at least for tonight, I’ve got jokes that feature baseball and monsters of one kind or another. I hope you enjoy!


Why do catchers hate pitchers who are vampires?
They drive the catcher batty.

Why was the baseball team of vampires the best in the league?
Because they suck the life out of other team!

Why was a strangler the best player playing against vampires?
Because he choked up on the bats!

Why was a zombie baseball team always the worst of league? 
Because they’re always looking for new brains.

Why did the zombie pitcher get cut from the team?
He had no arm.

A werewolf was looking forward to attending a baseball game, he had won a ticket that included a chance to get a picture taken with the stars of the team, unfortunately for the werewolf he tripped and fell against the mascot, which was an old star with a bat, just as the moon rose. The headline said it all ‘Silver slugger knocks out wolf.’

What do baseballs fear the most?

Why was the baseball team of spirits not expected to win?
They didn’t have a ghost of a chance.

Why was the werewolf chimney cleaner named the manager of the baseball team?
He knew something about sweeping.

Why did the general manager consult a coven of witches to turn about the team?
They needed to win for a spell.

Why were the politicians unable to set the lineup for their charity baseball game?
Because they kept debating about who was going to be the star.


I hope you enjoyed these jokes tonight.

Thanks for reading! 


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