How to waste the weekend

Tonight I thought I’d suggest a few ways to waste your weekend. These ideas will fill your weekend with stuff you’d rather not admit you enjoyed doing.


Make a snowman out of vanilla ice cream:

An easy way to waste time and money, just buy a few gallons of vanilla ice cream, freeze it hard and form into snowmen. With the warm weather we’ve been having they will melt by Monday, leaving only a sticky mess to clean up.


 Download and play Angry Gran Run:

 Angry Gran Run has updated to their Halloween version, if you collect 100 skulls in just over a dozen days, you unlock the skeleton costume to run in! A great way to waste the weekend, but one you likely don’t want to brag about.


See how many paper airplanes you can fold:

While not quite as much of a waste of your time, making paper airplanes is still not an activity many people would brag about.


 Spend Sunday trying to come up with a weeks worth of blog posts, jokes and settle on food to ruin… Whoops, that’s my to do list.


Watch your tablet’s battery run low while trying to decide what to do:

This isn’t quite as easy as it sounds, but it can be done. If you can brag about this, I’m afraid you don’t need this list.


Count the bristles on your toothbrush:

Are you sure you counted right the first time? You’d better count twice more to make sure.

This is only for those few people who are bored with everything else, or those who want to make sure they didn’t get shorted by a bristle.


Clean, fill and empty your whole Pez collection:

Admit it, you have a collection of Pez dispensers and you still use them. Just don’t admit how much Pez you can enjoy in a day.


Dig our and clean all the old computer mice you keep ‘just in case’:

You never know when you might need one, make sure you clean the mouse ball well, check for lint on the rollers!

This is something to brag about, cleaning mice, next people will expect you to dress chickens… Or they will be giving you a special jacket…


I hope you got a few chuckles from these.

Have a good way to waste the weekend? Post it in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


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