October: frighteningly warm

During this oddly warm October, find ourselves faced with the dilemma of too long of a lemonade season. Yes, I know that doesn’t seem possible, but the fact remains that with warmer than normal temperatures, hot chocolate season is being pushed back.

 Another thing that is happening is that we are being faced with a heavier than normal snowfall when it does hit, the possibility is also there that we might not get a warm up after the first snow like we normally do.

 However scary those possibilities are, we are lucky enough to live in a time where we can stock up on the necessary goods to get through a tough winter, goods such as hot chocolate mix, comic books and  everything you need to make months worth of cookies.

 Now we must plan, we must ask ourselves the tough questions: what comic books am I going to want to read in the middle of winter? Or: what size marshmallows do I want? Even: do I want to make double chocolate chip cookies in February?

 While I can’t answer these questions for you, I can offer suggestions:

 As to comic books, get as many as you can! A few of every keep me possible.

As to the size of marshmallows, get some of every size, you’ll use them, don’t worry about that. There are any number of things you can do with marshmallows besides hot chocolate.

 As to cookies, I of course! You can never have enough chocolate in cookies.

 What are your thoughts on these subjects?

Thanks for reading!


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