Jokes for October 14th

I’m running a bit late tonight, so I only have a few jokes for you. I know, my jokes are frighteningly few tonight, but next week I’ll try to have more.

Why did the vampire’s construction company get a bad reputation?
They were fly by nights.

When the vampire closed his costume store for lunch, he put a sign in the door that read: Out for a bite. 

Why did the vampire get into the used book business?
He wanted to do something he could really sink his teeth into. 

Why did the vampire refuse to play poker?
He didn’t like the stakes.

Why did the dairyman scare his cows?
Because he needed the milk curdled.

Why to dairymen like blood drenched mystery novels?
They like everything curdled.


 I hope you enjoyed these jokes tonight.

Thanks for reading!


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