Halloween games for 2015

I’ve been waiting to write this post about games to play to get into the Halloween spirit until more games released updates.

 I hope this post gives you a few ideas for relaxation over the next two weeks:



 Hayday, the farming game, released the Halloween update a few days ago.

 The costumes on the Chickens, Cows, Goats, Pigs and Sheep are great once again.

 The ghost in the fishing area gives you gifts if you tap it, the worst thing is it can be hard to spot.

 Growing jack-o-lanterns instead of pumpkins is a great idea, it is also fun to watch them be harvested and flipping over.

There are a number of other fun things to spot in the game, I heartily recommend playing it.

Angry Gran Run


Angry Gran Run has a Halloween theme again, there is still about a week to play and find enough skulls to unlock the skeleton costume.

 The street background is great once again, there are many different Halloween props here and there.  From pumpkins to ghosts, it’s well worth playing and playing often to catch all of the things. I’m not positive, but I think there is even a jack-o-lantern from a turnip in there.

Rail Rush


 While not a special update, this game also has a special world for Halloween. Called horror land, you get to ride your ore cart around ghosts, over evil looking roots and many more spooky obstacles. It’s well worth playing at least once.

 While I don’t play this game everyday, I am trying to play it more often. One thing I found is that it is easier to play on a phone than on a tablet, however that is just personal preference.


Unfortunately those are the only three games that really put out a Halloween theme. I had hoped that Temple Run would do something, however it seems like Halloween isn’t a popular holiday to release a special theme for.

Thanks for reading!


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