October chill

October is when the weather beings to turn cold, though it’s not as cool as some previous Octobers have been.

 While some people enjoy cold weather, others enjoy hot weather, so this month has something to offer most people.

  Tonight I’m not going to talk to you about comic books, food or beverages. Why? Because I can’t really think about anything new to say on those subjects tonight.

 Instead I thought I’d talk to you about how to get ready to entertain your cat this winter.

 Cats can get restless when the weather gets cold, you need to be prepared to play with your cat twice as much as you normally do. Catnip can help, as can fun toys that your cat can play with on their own.

 Consider these ideas:

  • Cat treats hidden in places your cat doesn’t often go.
  • Nice soft blankets under a sunny.
  • Catnip infused water.
  • Bring dirt inside for your cat to roll in.

There are many other things you can do to help your cats get through the next several months until spring returns.

 The best thing you can do is ready yourself to give your cat hour long laps, just make sure you have a comic book to read and a mug of hot chocolate to drink, a handful of raisins to eat is handy as well.
Thanks for reading!


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