Jokes for October 21st

Tonight I have a few new jokes and a few jokes from last year. I always like to look back at my old jokes, sometimes I get ideas for new ones, other times I just get a laugh and decide to share them again.

 I have something new for you at the bottom of this post, take a look and let me know what you think.

 While these jokes might not make everyone laugh, I hope you’ll get a chuckle out of them at least, enjoy!




A witch happened upon a vampire and a werewolf who were having a heated debate. When she asked what they were arguing about, the vampire and werewolf replied “Pumpkin guts!”

Once there was a young jack o lantern who was unable to compete at sports, after weeks of careful consideration his doctor reach a conclusion, he had no pumpkin guts.

The werewolf family always made sure to invite a witch along when they took a long trip, whenever they got lost they could just ask “Witch way?”

Did you hear that Dracula hired a werewolf to run a steamroller over his patch of turnips?
He had to, he couldn’t squeeze blood from a turnip himself.

Shortly before dawn one day, a vampire was hurriedly flying back to his coffin in bat form when he ran into a witch, literally. The witch lost her broom in the crash, the vampire was disorientated. The vampire, in desperation, grabbed the witch and asked “Witch, which way’s up?


New jokes


Why do vampires never bet on horse races?
They don’t like stakes.

Do werewolves enjoy gardening?
No, gardening is a wolfs bane.

When a religious personage presided over an annual contest to see who could throw a gourd the furthest, the pumpkin was canonized.

Who do monsters turn to for directions?
Witches, they always know which way to go.


Halloween tounge twister!


The monster mobsters marched on Mars in March.


That’s it for tonight, I hope you enjoyed these jokes and my new tounge twister feature. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Thanks for reading.


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