Spooky October thoughts

As Halloween is drawn jog near, I thought I’d share a few spooky thoughts with you instead of normal random thoughts and maybe a joke or two.


 Halloween is a time for candy, taking advantage of this are candy companies who release ‘fun size’ candy bars.

 Once and for all, there is nothing fun about these tiny candy bars. These candy bars are nothing but a waste of time, you need at least two of them to enjoy ‘fun size’ candy bars.


 The origins of Halloween are not what we celebrate today, it now is nothing more than a day for candy to be given away.


What do you call an army of ghosts?

A host of ghosts.


 Vampires are popular mostly because of our odd fascination with blood. Our obsession with blood is second only to our fascination with violence in general.


 It’s amazing to realize that there have been special Halloween  radio and tv shows for decades, it’s just as amazing that so many have survived the test of time. While I’m not sure, I expect to see the classic tv channels having a whole day or afternoon devoted to these special episodes.


How did the vampire movie star become a star baseball player?

Because he was a big hit.


 I hope you’ve enjoyed these thoughts, they might not have been too spooky, but I did my best.

Thanks for reading.


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