Last week of October: trick or treat?

It’s the last week of October and the weather is still relatively nice, save for those parts of the world being impacted by hurricanes. But yet we find ourselves asking, is this a trick or a treat?

 Perhaps because Halloween is nearly here we decide to look past the nice weather and figure out reasons to claim that the weather is actually bad, or perhaps it’s because as humans, we can’t be satisfied with anything.

 Or perhaps it’s the fault of politicians, just blame it on a politician you dislike. Anything can be blamed on politicians, that’s why I had a glaring error in my post last night, or at least that’s what I’m claiming, not that any politician has ever seen or heard of my blog.

 On to other subjects, with Halloween drawing near, we have two main things to talk about tonight: Candy and Comic books.

 This is likely the only week of the year I do not suggest that you devour chocolate chip cookies. Instead I suggest that you eat your fill of candy corn and melocreme pumpkins, the season for these two candies is a short on and you’ll have to wait nearly a fully year before they appear again.

 Don’t forget, as these candies are called corn and pumpkins, half of the politicians in the world will agree that they are fruits and vegetables, so eat up!

 A note of seriousness for a moment: with Halloween comes trick or treaters, which means shouting and doorbell ringing, make sure your cats are safe during all this, there is no point risking a tragedy.

 Now on to comic books!

 This  is a great time of year for comic books, I sometimes wonder if comic books weren’t invented just for Halloween. Spooky things have always been in comic books: there have been numerous ghost centric titlesover the years. There have been adaptations of Frankenstein as well. Ghost stories, mysterious happenings, demons and witches have all had series devoted to them over the years.

However Vampires could be the most popular creature ever written about in comic books, from many incarnations of Dracula, to Morbius; the living vampire, plus many, many more vampires that have there own title or feature prominently in one series or another.

 Yes, this is likely one of the best weeks in the year for comic book reading and candy eating, so get out there and proudly show the world that you enjoy candy and comic books!

 Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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