November arrives…

November arrives, not with a bang, not with a whimper, it simply arrives with little to no fanfare.

 To quote Shakespeare, or rather to paraphrase him, this is the month of our discontent. It is so because summer is now officially and completely behind us, leaving us a bleak month ahead with only the promise of a turkey dinner with all the fixings and a parade to look forward to.

 November is perhaps the bleakest of the months; October has Halloween and candy, December has Christmas which includes gifts, candies and more food than anyone can imagine. January is a month that, while it has no real holidays, is a month of beginnings and a month to relax and get over December, February and March, while low on holidays, offer a hint of spring and baseball’s Spring training. April and May offer a chance at candy and more promises of Spring.june and July bring spring, plants, fireworks and much more. August is a month of heat and lost hope in baseball seasons, September brings relief from the heat of summer, yet also the first threats of fall.

 All said, this is a month of waiting and worrying, the calm before the storm if you will, though the storms can start this month quite easily.

 I’m find the November should be treated as a game, plan your next moves wisely, always keeping one step ahead of everyone else, never forget that somewhere, there is someone who is plotting to steal your plate of turkey and cranberry sauce while your back is turned, you may be reaching for a month g of hot chocolate, or maybe reading an ad for some gift or another you plan on giving someone. Perhaps the thief is just a cat, but no matter, you must be ready for anything!

 Now sit back, eat a chocolate chip cookie, read a comic book and plan out how you are going to do your gift shopping.

Thanks for reading!


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