Strange November…

It’s been a strange November, there have been the death of an old time tv special effect inventor, and a car customizer. All we can hope you s that the rest of the year will have fewer old time celebrities dying.

 The weather is begining to turn colder, now it is safe to say late fall is here. All we have left to wait for is the snow to start falling. Bets are being taken on when the big snow will hit.

 What do we have to look forward to this month? Cold air, some snow and the Thanksgiving day parade, besides good food of course.

 Food is important during the winter months, it is something that can allow us to relax and ignore the cold weather until spring hits.

 Is it a surprise that some of the most popular holidays occur in the winter? I think not, I believe that it is due to the fact that nearly all holidays are, at least to a point, centered around food.

 Yet we do not live by food alone, we need entertainment, such as comic books. There are many comic books to choose from, during the late fall early winter, I suggest reading something fast paced and exciting, the sky is the limit, enjoy exploring them and maybe you’ll find a new favorite or three.

This week I urge you to go out and have fun, this may be one of the last weeks to do certain things before winter hits.

Thanks for reading!


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