November end

Tonight is the end of November. While not normally a very exciting me nth, this month saw a wide range of temperatures, not to mention all of the sales that are still going on for Christmas shopping.
 After taking most of last week off from blogging, I hope that I can get back to blogging this week, but I’ll admit that it is hard to get many funny thoughts right now.
 While not normally thought about during December, comic books can be a great way to relax, which is something everyone needs during these hectic weeks.

 You’ll want something funny, not superhero comics, unless you find superheroes funny. There are many winter related comics that have been written ver the years, take a few minutes to explore your options.
 Cookies are something of a must during December, which makes it one of the best months to enjoy cookies, not to mention hot chocolate, so take a few days and enjoy!
 That’s about all for tonight, I’m just going to gradually get back into blogging this week. Thanks for reading.


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