Dec-the halls

’tis December, which means ’tis the season to go around slugging anyone who is named Hall… What’s that? I’m wrong about that? Okay, that’s fine, let me start over….

’tis December, which means ’tis the season to go around offering your skills as a demolition crew for hallways… What’s that? I’m mistaken again?  Fine, lets just skip ahead…

This is also a great month for using leftover Halloween stories, there are many that fit this month, such as a possessed snowman running around town.
If stories aren’t your idea of seasonal fun, how about people going door to door demanding treats, only  instead of candy and tricks, they expect hot chocolate or they’ll keep singing? Sometimes these people may even dress up to go door to door.

 The best defense against either possessed snowmen on a rampage or singing beggars is a piping hot chocolate chip cookie and a slingshot. If people come to your door, just hand them the cookies, if a snowman attacks your house, hit it with a cookie, the hotter the better.

 Food is also a large part of this month’s celebrations, I think the only things that aren’t well loved this month are root beer and ice cream cakes, however if the weather warms up a little more, maybe they will be enjoyed year round soon.
 Thanks for reading!

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