Jokes for December 16th

It’s Wednesday night, time for a few jokes! I thought tonight would be a good night to remember a few old jokes from last year, enjoy!

Long ago, a family named Hall went west to seek their fortune gold mining.

Everything went smoothly for them until December when they got into a gun fight with some claim jumpers. The claim jumpers were horrible shots and didn’t manage to hit any of the Halls before they ran out of ammo. The Halls weren’t any better shots, soon they were forced to duke it out. The claim jumpers won as they Decked the Halls.

How do you get a reindeer to fly?
You put him on a cargo plane.

What gift should you never give to a Vampire?
A steak dinner.

What happens to deer in the rain?
They become riendeer.

What did the crime boss tell his gang when the police were about to round them up on Christmas Eve?
Dash away, dash away, now dash away all!

What two elves always have their Christmas decorations stolen?
Holly and Jolly.

What carol do reindeer sing?
Let it rain.

Why do boxers love christmas?
They love decking.

Why do carpenters always have the best decorated houses?
They are pros when it comes to decking.

Why should you never ask an actor to decorate your house?
They always take all the boughs.


 I hope you enjoyed these old jokes, I know I enjoyed them again!

Thanks for reading!


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