More seasonal updates

Tonight I have one last bunch of games that have had a seasonal update, enjoy!
Laura Croft: Relic Run
Another game released a Christmas themed update, Laura Croft Relic Run. The update isn’t as major of an update as some, as far as I can tell they only gave her a Santa suit and no other changes. That said, there may be something on a level farther on than I am.

 If you are already playing Relic Run er, than get the update, if you aren’t playing it, it’s not a major enough upgrade to get you playing.
Subway surfers:
Subway surfers is a game I just recently stumbled across, it’s the next I wish I had known earlier. Right now it also has a Christmas theme, you’re running at the North Pole, trying to escape from Santa Clause after he catches you spray painting a subway tunnel wall… plus I think you’re now on the naughty list.

 While the graphics are a tad cartoonish, it’s a fun game to waste a few minutes with.
Cradle of Empires:
Cradle of Empires latest update includes a Christmas theme to its challenges. As you search for items to help build the ancient civilization, you can find colored candy canes which can be turned in for something I have not yet gotten far enough to know. It is somewhat fun, but candy canes and decorated trees in the ancient desert setting are a bit odd.
I hope you’ve enjoyed these game update posts.

Thanks for reading and have a great holiday season!


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