New year, same blog, maybe

It’s a new year, but its mostly the same old blog. I’m still going to be humorous, have jokes most Wednesday nights, ruin food on Saturday night, plus, of course, I’m going to be talking hot chocolate on Mondays, at least until it’s lemonade time.
Of course nothing works out the way we expect, so it’s (un)likely that I’ll end up changing my blog to be more political in the months to come, unless I decide to change the focus of my blog to studying how cats observe works of fine art, which undoubtedly would be a lot more interesting than politics.
One thing I’m really hoping for this year is that by the end of the year, WordPress will be measuring my blog in more than streetcar fulls of visitors, so I humbly invite you to join me in exploring my brand of humor this year.
 This should be a fun year blogging, I hope you feel the same way. Let’s see if we can’t make this year a great year.

Thanks for reading.


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