Humor for January 13th

Believe it or not, it’s Wednesday night again, time for some humor! I can’t promise that you’ll enjoy these jokes, but I hope you do.


Cold humor:



What is the most common greeting between snowmen?

How’s it snowing?



Why are snowmen the best gunfighters?

They are coal hearted.


Why do snowmen hate tomorrow?

Because they know that’s when the sun will come out.



Just laugh, you know you want to:



When the gum ball had its dreams dashed, some said that it had its bubble burst.

What did the crackpot inventor think would happen when he started selling his jet powdered golf ball?

He thought he’d get rich with his power ball.


Which is better?


Which of these following jokes are the best? You decide, tell me in the comments below!



Why did the financial wizard refuse to invest in the soap factory?

He thought it was all washed up.


Why did the investor put all his money in the detergent factory?

He wanted to clean up.


Why did the stock broker dislike talking about the soap factory?

He thought something seemed slippery.



That’s all the humor for tonight, I hope you’ve enjoyed it! 

Thank you for reading.


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