Friday thoughts for January 15th 

Tonight I have a handful of thoughts to share with you, they might be odd, strange or thoughtful, enjoy.




The political season is in full swing, though that isn’t anything odd, it’s always time for political pandering. After all the votes are counted, it’s time to begin again, you might say politics are a self renewing resource.




 The only thing more confused than politics is the weather, or more accurately the weather forecasters. The more technology they get, the worse they manage to predict the weather. At the current rate, I predict that within a few decades, they will be predicting snow in the middle of summer.




2016 isn’t looking like a good year to be famous, just look at how many celebrities have died so far this month….




Now for something much happier… happy birthday to the great actress, Margaret O’Brien, who turned 84 today.

 One of the great child stars of the 1940s, she has stared in many great movies, such as: Meet Me in St. Louis, Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, The Secret Harden and many more.


 Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post.


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