January ending

We come to the last week of January, it’s been a month of odd weather, odd events and never ending politics, in other words, it’s been a normal month.

 With January coming to an end, we can easily see several things that make the coming months easier to get through, namely baseball spring training late next month.


 Many people are eager for the super bowl in roughly two weeks, be it for the sport itself or the commercials that will be shown, it’s an event many people live for.


 With the heavy snowfall on the east coast, I can only hope that everyone has plenty of hot chocolate to drink… and warm chocolate chip cookies to eat of course.


Is there anything better than a cup of hot chocolate, a chocolate chip cookie and a comic book to read on a snowy day without a care in the world?


 What comic books are the best for this time of year? While I’d suggest something action packed, some of you reading this might prefer some of the new style comics that have appeared over the past few years, I’m not refers to cartoon comics, those are time tested classics, instead I refer to any of the new comics such as the many that focus on zombies, or are drawn manga style, or any of the numerous other ones that I might not have come across yet. These are diferant from what many think of comics as, but they can still be worth reading if they appeal to you. Read what you enjoy.


I know this post is a bit different from normal, but I’m trying a few new things this year. Feel free to let me knock w what you thing.

Thanks for reading!


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