Humor for February 3rd

It’s Wednesday night again, time for some more humor! With the super bowl this weekend, I thought I’d offer you a few football related jokes tonight, enjoy!



Why was the football team owner upset that he had to use a pay phone?

Because he knew he wouldn’t get his quarterback.


Why did the linebacker put all his change in a small bag?

Because his coach told him to sack the quarterback.


When the owner of the football team discovered that his house had been destroyed by accident, the first that was rebuilt were two walls, giving the him a cornerback.


When a quarterback who never managed to complete a pass decided to run for office, he had a football made out of dollar bills and promised that he would never pass the buck.


What did the chef say when he saw a gigantic dish?

“Now that’s a super bowl”


Why did the football owner ask the banker to select new players for the team?

Because the banker knew something about handling drafts.


Why do football players always demand feather pillows?

Because they enjoy touching down.




I hope you enjoyed these jokes tonight. Thanks for reading!


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