February… warmth?

February warmth? This year it is, oddly enough. The weather is strange again this year, however I haven’t heard any complaints yet.

 While the weather has been odd again this year, it’s hard to say what is going to happen tomorrow… even the weather forecasters seldom agree on what tomorrow will bring.


 With the warmer weather, it is unfortunately too warm for hot chocolate right now, but this will change soon, undoubtedly. In the mean time we can still enjoy chocolate chip cookies.


 Another thing we can still enjoy are comic books, no matter what the weather, comic books are always fun, though it is advisable to read them somewhere dry, they tend to get soggy in the rain.


 I’m sorry this post is a bit short. I may skip a few posts over the next few weeks, it depends on several factors, but I am going try to keep posting on the normal nights.

 Thanks for reading!


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