Humor for February 10th

It’s nearly halfway through February, there’s a certain something in the air and everyone is getting excited. That’s right, baseball’s Spring Training is almost upon us!

 Here are a few jokes, two new ones and a few favorite old ones, I hope you enjoy!

Old favorites 


A super hero and a chef were walking down a deserted road in the countryside. As they passed an abandoned house, they began debating who was the strongest.

 The super hero said he could knock the abandoned house down with one finger.

The chef claimed he didn’t even need to raise a finger to destroy the house. The super hero told the chef to prove it. The chef smiled and waited, confidently.

 Five minutes later the abandoned house was utterly destroyed and the demolition crew was leaving right on schedule.
A priest was walking along a dark road late one night, as he passed by Jose’s Avocado hut, he tripped, landed in a pile of discarded avocados and shouted “Holy Guacamole!”
Why did the cake batter hate telling jokes to chefs?

They always panned. 
Why did the chef enjoy telling jokes as he poured out the cake batter?

Because his jokes always panned out. 
Why did the prospector start a restaurant?

Because he was an expert with pans. 

New jokes


How did the fisherman draw large crowds when he told stories?

He reeled them in.
What did the cat steal?

Forty winks.

 I hope you enjoyed these jokes. Thanks for reading!


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