Humor for February 17th

It’s another Wednesday night, which means it’s time for a few jokes. Spring training is starting this week, so I decided to offer you a some baseball jokes, a few new ones and a few from last year, enjoy!




Why did the venture capitalist buy a baseball team?

He loved great pitches.


Why did the inventor try out for the baseball team?

He had a great pitch.


Why wasn’t the carafe able to become a pitcher for a baseball team?

It had lost its glasses.


When the mechanical pencil tried out for the baseball team, it got the lead out.


Why did the ball player put coils of metal on his shoes?

Because it was spring training.


Why did the burglar try out for the baseball team?

Because he was good at stealing home.


Why did the baseball team sign a vampire?

 Because they need a good bat.




Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed these jokes!

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