St. Patrick’s day humor

As tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day, I managed to come up with some humor for the occasion. I hope you enjoy!




If St Patrick was alive today:
1. He would be driving the snakes out of Ireland in an SUV.

2. He would be sued by animal rights groups.

3. Several car companies would be fighting to supply him with his suv. 

4. He’d be the star of “Patrick’s snake show”. 

5. He would be overwhelmed by emails asking him to drive politicians out of every country.

6. He’d be too distracted playing snake on his cellphone.




What kind of music would St Patrick enjoy today?


How do you make a corned beef?

Give a brisket some old jokes.

How does a potato get to a St Patrick’s day party?

It takes a cabbage.




I hope you enjoyed these joke! Thanks for reading! Have a happy St. Patrick’s day!


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