Humor for March 23rd

Believe it or not, it’s Wednesday night again, which means it’s time for some humor! I hope you enjoy this mix of old jokes and new ones!



When the bread was looking for a volunteer to free the butter, he was surprised when the egg spoke up and said: “I’ll spring the butter, I may crack under pressure however.”


The clock made the baseball team because he had spring in his step.


Why did the crook hire a clock to lead a jailbreak in mid March?

The clock was ready to spring ahead.


When the crackpot invented a robot made out of clocks, he claimed that his invention was moving  technology ahead by a spring.


When the investigator found a clue, he quickly declared it to be something fishy, though he could never explain what a red herring was doing in a tuna cannery. 


When the investigators discovered a clue in the dugout, one of them couldn’t help springing to a conclusion.



 I hope you enjoyed these jokes.

Thanks for reading!


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